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2012-2013 Argosy University Academic Catalog—Undergraduate Programs | Volume 3, Issue 9 
2012-2013 Argosy University Academic Catalog—Undergraduate Programs | Volume 3, Issue 9 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Section Twelve, Undergraduate Course Listings

Not every course is offered at each Argosy University campus. Availability is based on curriculum, faculty interest, local clinical needs, and student interest. Registration Bulletins and other announcements provide detailed course availability and prerequisite information. Where no prerequisites are noted, none are required for that course.  The listing presented here was current at the time of publication. We recommend contacting the particular campus for current course availability.


Course prerequisites that are campus-specific are indicated by the following abbreviations:







ATL   Argosy University, Atlanta
CH   Argosy University, Chicago
DAL   Argosy University, Dallas
DEN   Argosy University, Denver
DC   Argosy University, Washington DC
HI   Argosy University, Hawaii
IE   Argosy University, Inland Empire
LA   Argosy University, Los Angeles
NAS   Argosy University, Nashville
ORA   Argosy University, Orange County
PHX   Argosy University, Phoenix
SLC   Argosy University, Salt Lake City
SAR   Argosy University, Sarasota
SCH   Argosy University, Schaumburg
SEA   Argosy University, Seattle
SF   Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area
SD   Argosy University, San Diego
TAM   Argosy University, Tampa
TC   Argosy University, Twin Cities



While many courses cross lines between class levels, and therefore the numbering system is not always completely consistent, the following offers a general correlation between course numbers and grade levels:

Undergraduate Grade Level   Course Number Range
Freshman   100-199
Sophomore   200-299
Junior   300-399
Senior   400-499





   •  VET145 - Veterinary Massage Therapy
   •  VET150 - Veterinary Pharmacology
   •  VET155 - Mathematics in the Veterinary Field
   •  VET160 - Veterinary Ultrasonography
   •  VET206 - Veterinary Dentistry
   •  VET210 - Large Animal Medicine
   •  VET215 - Microbiology
   •  VET220 - Anesthesiology and Surgical Assisting
   •  VET221 - Advanced Equine Techniques
   •  VET226 - Advanced K-9 Training
   •  VET230 - Laboratory and Exotic Animals
   •  VET235 - Veterinary Imaging
   •  VET240 - Small Animal Medicine II
   •  VET244 - Emergency and Critical Care
   •  VET246 - Veterinary Toxicology
   •  VET250 - AZEW Aquatics, Zoology, Exotics, and Wildlife
   •  VET260 - Wildlife Handling
   •  VET270 -  Ecology
   •  VET280 - Comprehensive Review
   •  VET290 - Clinical Veterinary Training

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